Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conference Planning: What I'm doing today

TNNA is just a few days away. Today I have been adding notes to my folder about which booths I want to make a point to see (along with a contact name and a note to jog my memory...) I'm stitching a sweater I hope to wear to the event! (YAY!) and I have two other items I'd love to get done before then. Today I'm going to print out my driving directions to the hotel (usually the logistics of getting somewhere make me more edge than the relating-to-everyone-once-I'm-there part).

Today, I'm also thinking about what is needed at home while I'm away. Chief needs a b-day present, SIL needs a b-day card, we're doing Father's Day early, etc.

Then, after TNNA its back to some serious stitching to meet deadlines.

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