Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet thing

Look at this little sweetie! Our neighbor, Maureen, called us yesterday with news of this baby and his sibling's arrival the day before. Nested in two different locations in their backyard, the babies were curled up so sweetly that you could almost walk right by the one without even noticing him. They were much smaller than I expected them to be. He looked about the size of Charlie! We also saw several interesting birds, horses, etc, but the two baby deer were definitely the highlight. Chief and Chickee promptly found 3 four-leaf clovers and left them next to the babies for good luck (and one for Maureen as a 'thank you' gift). Maureen said that the mother deer hovers nearby in the edge of the woods and comes out when it's 'safe'.


JKW said...

Most adorable. Thank you for sharing. I watch a couple of wild life cams (Lily & Hope) (FL WildLife) and of course Molly the Owl. I am learning so much more than I ever have in all my years (I'm retired). Blessings, Janet

glor said...

Oh what a sight. Such beauty. Thank you for sharing this. Nature is amazing.