Friday, June 25, 2010

Mid-year Check-in!

It's just about time to do our mid-year check in on goals! Also, it's time to print/save the financial reports and receipts for the first half of the year! This shouldn't take but less than 5 minutes because you've been keeping up with it all year, right? :)

What goals did you have for 2010? Did you make resolutions? Are you half-way there? The year is half over, you'd better either get on it, or if your goal was unrealistic, it's time to make new goals. You might have even accomplished some things you hadn't anticipated! Add those things to the list and cross them off as achieved! Give yourself credit!

I just looked at the goals I made for myself for 2010. I wrote them in December or January. Some of them I've already accomplished, some are on their way, some I had forgotten about. I probably have about 10 goals. The fun part was adding things to the list simply so I could cross them off... like... designing my first knit pattern! Remember the Raspberry Knit Ascot? in gorgeous yarn from Scarlet Fleece? I need to do a "shout out" to Kat at Scarlet Fleece who was so nice to me at TNNA. They have great yarns.


Andrea said...

I made a goal to do two fair isle stocking for Christmas and since it's coming up on July I think I better get started!

Anonymous said...

A goal list, what a great idea. Either I was not following you when you first mentioned this or a completely missed it. But, starting have way through means that I can start my list with some things already done and it does not look so daungting!

Ok...I am going to get my receipts and etc. financial files started this weekend!! Thanks for the push, I needed it!