Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When will I get to crochet?

Being away from crochet for a day can really through me off rhythm. It can be so hard to get back in the momentum of a pattern. Last week week was hugely productive, but not since Friday. I'm hoping to get back in business today, but it's not looking good.

It's been crazy around here the last few days. We've had injury scares with both kids. They are both fine. We had an impromptu party. (hence the injuries).

On Sunday afternoon I went out to the yard to check on the chickens and spied a pile of white feathers and the back of a fox's red head bounding away from me into the woods. He got Mrs. Poole. We have 2 big chickens left (of the original 6). And of course we have the new 6 babies. Now I'm not so sure we should have bought them. If we have a fox who is so brazen as to steal a chicken in the middle of the afternoon. We are brainstorming fencing options and hope to keep all the remaining 8 chickens safe.

Above is a photo of Chief assembling my new electric skillet. Note he is at his own workbench and he is standing on a bucket. Too cute.


Ghost said...

Well now at least we have a solution to the missing chickens. Chief is too cute! and I think a fence is in order. Perhaps keep them in the garage until a safety fence is in place.

fracksmom said...

the fox must be very hungry to be so brazen. a fence that keeps him out and the chickens in seems to be needed.

love your pcitures of your kids, being kids.

Sara said...

Could you live trap and relocate the fox? Bummer about the loss of your chickens. It reminds me of that show with Billy in Louisiana and he had a callout where the lady lost 42 of her ducks. Turned out to be a bobcat and Billy live trapped it and relocated it.

Great picture!