Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sneak peek and lost chickens

These squares are for a blanket for a GoCrochet friend who's daughter is sick. Under the squares, is a book project ready to ship! I wish I could go back to doing more sneak peeks the old way, but a few buyers don't care for sneak peeks and I have to respect their wishes. Also, with the book, too many sneak peeks and I'll give it away!

Three of our 6 chickens have gone missing, including these two favorites of the kids. I could make jokes about how we suspect fowl play, but really we are all upset that they wandered off and can't be found.


Betzography™ said...

Just started following your blog. Really love the squares.

Ghost said...

those squares are divine. and i know the kids must be so sad over the disappearing chickens.