Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crochet for ME

I'm thinking of placing a few crochet projects for ME on my to-do list with a deadline and everything. How else am I ever going to get to make something that I get to keep? I need to put something on the list for Chickee too. She's outgrown most of everything I have ever made for her. She doesn't really wear sweaters except for the one Doris made. Maybe I could make her a little drawstring skirt. Wouldn't that be cute! Makes me want to go to my yarn stash... but I can't, I need to finish these two projects first that are due Monday.

TOMORROW there will be a sneak peek! FRIDAY, there might be another one...

Here's a photo of Sweets, you haven't seen her lately. She's been pretty quiet hanging out in her pig condo. She's only loud when you open the produce drawer in the refrigerator.


Kristine said...

In all the years I've been crocheting I've only made one thing for myself. I keep telling myself I'm due, but then another project takes over.....someday :)

Ghost said...

You have the cutest fur family.