Monday, May 3, 2010

One of Everything

Now, I get it. Now I understand why I would love to have one of everything from this Athleta catalog. Because it's part of the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy group. AND they win the "YAY CROCHET" award for having multiple accurately described crochet trimmed pieces.

Check out this selection of crocheted pieces. oh, let me just show you.

And, though it's not crochet, look at this too cute swim cover up tunic:
They do, however, get the "BOO" award for having limited sizing. Most items I saw stopped at XL/16.


Cate4444 said...

They are very pretty.

Tonicarol said...

I noticed the crochet inspired pieces in the most recent catalog. I did mean to post about it on Ravelry but I totally forgot.

Becky said...

I have a silly question... Do you know how they make such a large number of crocheted items? I was under the impression that crochet is always hand-made, that you can't make a crocheted item on a machine? Is that an incorrect statement or do they have a ton of people making these garments for them?

Tonicarol said...

I can pretty much guarantee that these are not hand made. It would say so in the description and they would be way more expensive. You can imitate if not recreate crochet on a machine I'm sure.