Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank you and Crocheting in Public, etc.

Thank you, thank you everyone. I now have over 200 Followers! As I like to say, wow, Wow, WOW. So, so cool.

Another one of my very colorful projects of 2010 is finishing off the hooks hopefully today! And this one... all the little boys in the world are going to love it.

What else is going on?

April reported that she ACTUALLY SAW a license plate in her area that read "dc2tog". O my goodness I want to meet that person. Thanks for the note April. It's good to know there are other like-minded people in the world.

Yesterday, at the hospital I used another, less colorful, but way more luxuriant yarn while waiting with Chief to get an x-ray on his broken arm. This pattern that will be in publication.... I don't know when... is perfect for the hospital waiting room. Easy to memorize, doesn't take up too much space, easy to put down and pick back up again when your name is called... When it actually does publish I'll let you know that it was the, 'ideal waiting room project!'. LOL.

Chief is doing well. He doesn't seem to be in much pain and is enjoying resting in front of the tv and in general trying not to bang it around.

I think, as a thank you, you deserve a book sneak peek, pictured above.


Sara said...

Glad he is doing okay. Resting little boy sounds like a oxymoron. :) Can't wait to see the pattern or the what the sneak peek it. :)

Susan said...

Hi Ellen,

Hope you all had a good time at Library & Chat...:-) I just got the message on Facebook this afternoon. Sorry... but I wasn't able to make it. I just have too much going on here. Right now Crocheting is done only in the evening. The Garden and my kitchen seem to take first place in the hours of the day.

See you sometime... just not sure when...:-)

~ Susan

Bonnie said...

I take a crochet project EVERYWHERE I go. In fact, I've ditched my purse, stuff my wallet in my crochet bag and call it good. As I am crocheting in public, I am amazed at the connections and conversations it begins - youth, old, male, female. People are drawn to sit next to me and tell me about their grandma or great-grandma and their beautiful work. More crocheters need to crochet in public to share their talent and art.