Monday, May 24, 2010

Conference Planning: What I'm doing today

I have two great conferences coming up this summer: TNNA the industry event, and CGOA's Knit and Crochet Convention for everyone. I have already registered for both and have secured my lodging and travel for both. I have started a folder for each event. I the folder is my registration confirmations, travel information, etc. Today, on the outside of the folder, I'm starting to pencil in my itinerary while I'm there. I need to have coffee with super awesome author A, and meet up with totally awesome tech editor B, I'm having dinner with yarn rep C, and meet up with Ravelry group friends at some point. And of course, coordinate these meetings with the official schedule of the conference so that I don't miss anything! That's what I'm doing today.

Above, Chickee harvests one of the first strawberries off her garden vine. Charlie looks on, puzzled. Chickee is just thrilled that this strawberry went unnoticed by the bunnies.

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youngncrafty said...

how about coffee/tea/snack with rav group friends on friday