Friday, May 7, 2010

Keeping Financial records

I often tell you, if you want to be a designer, there is a good deal of business tasks that are required. I keep a running spreadsheet of all my expenses and income and I add to it every time there is a transaction. Somehow, my file got completely lost. I went to my back up external harddrive... and it's there... only I hadn't updated it since January... HOWEVER, I print out a hardcopy at the end of each quarter just in case.... BUT, I forgot at the end of March, BUT I remembered on tax day, 4/15/10. So, I only lost data for 21 days... BUT I have all my receipts and check stubs in my manila envelope where I keep these things. So, it could have been much worse. Stay on top of your financial information designer wannabees! This is your INCOME we're talking about.

Above is Charlie playing in a paper grocery bag.

No news on the 3 prodigal chickens. We have searched as much as we can and have found no evidence of them.

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