Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trying again...and saying 'no'.

Ok, I didn't get to work on the Book again yesterday. Today I am shipping a project (yay!) and then the Book! Yesterday, Susan commented with concern about me not going too fast and burning out. I'm not sure how to slow down! It's so hard to say, "no" to work! I think that no matter how much it pains me, I'm going to skip the CGOA design competition that occurs at the CGOA conference this summer. I'm also going to put new designs to wear to TNNA in summer on the back burner.

I'm going to also have to come up with a good line for saying, "no" to family and friends who want a "quick scarf" or hat. They mean well and I'm grateful to share my crochet passion with them, however, I always feel like I need to design something new, I use my own yarn, and it takes 1-3 days away from paying work. If I do design something new, then I can self-publish or submit the pattern which may or may not be profitable. It's probably worse when they choose the yarn themselves and I receive a package of something froofy in the mail asking to be "whipped up". Yes, that's worse because it's not likely that I'll be able to submit it anywhere. How do you say, 'no' to family, friends, casual acquaintances who say, "will you make me one?"

Here's another blast from the past, the Zippered Satchel. Made o motifs stitched together with a gusset/strap. A zipper is crocheted in. I punched holes in the zipper then crocheted into the holes. The bag was originally published in Crochet Fantasy in 2005? You can see it on my Ravelry page and the Gallery page.

I'm rambling again. I'd better get back to work instead of just talking about it!


April Creates said...

I also get irritated with friends asking for things. Family members typically don't because they can make things themselves. I usually tell friends that I will "put it in line". In other words. I will make it, but it will have to wait it's turn.

linda p said...

Hmmm. Somehow my family has gotten the message not to ask me for things- but I will make them for them if *I* want to. So I take suggestions all year about what kind of thing they might like (hat, scarf) and then I'll make it if/when i have time. If I responded to everyone's request, I'd never have time to design.

Also, I rarely design something when making it for someone else- that takes A LOT more time and is not as relaxing, and following other people's patterns helps me expand on my knowledge of how things can be done. Sometimes I feel like I might be the only designer who crochets from other people's patterns, but they are helpful, at least as a starting point!

Ghost said...

I think NO is the hardest word in the English language to say.

Susan said...

Good Afternoon!

Here is one way to figure out what to choose to do FIRST.

This is going to sound mean / rude... BUT, ( I hope I'm not hurting anyones feelings here )

Ask yourself " What's more important " This job or that job? Just pick the one that will pay you, and make "YOU HAPPY".

I wold think that true Friends & your family would understand without asking that your very busy making a business, writing a book and designing. And on top of that , having your family life..:-)Well, I'm pretty sure Family Life comes first...:-)

Again, I'm sorry if I stepped on toes or hurt feelings... And don't feel that you have to print this if you don't want to.