Friday, January 8, 2010

Full O' Sheep Swatch Felted

Here it is! After a quick wash in hot water. I love it! A great affordable choice for felting. I have an urge to get another color and do some surface work and then felt it again, but I don't have any more colors unless I take apart my color swatch stick. If I did it again, I would go down a hook size or two to a maybe a K instead of the N. Otherwise, I think it looks great!

It is a yarn distributed by Coats & Clark, the makers of Red Heart. I'm told that it will be in JoAnn's stores in February, but until then, it's available online at

Susan, I'm going to leave your question about how to wash wool without felting for another day, but it CAN be done :)


Monique said...

It's being sold at Michael's now, thats where I get it!!!

Anonymous said...

JoAnn's in Port Angeles, WA has it now