Monday, January 11, 2010

How NOT to felt Wool yarn

Great question, Susan!

Get a sink full of cool water, put in a cap full of SOAK wash for fibers. Gently submerge the item. Do not agitate, wring, rub, etc. Let the water swish through the fiber as you submerge it. You can let it sit. pull it out and lay the item on dry towels. Gently roll the item up in the towels like a burrito, squeezing gently (not wringing). Use another set of dry towels if necessary until all the drips are out. Lay the item flat and shape it (gently pull to the right measurements if it's a garment). Allow to air dry. You can put a fan on it to help it dry more quickly if you want.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the scarf I made for Chickee this weekend out of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe!

I'm desperately trying to get the procrastinated project done, working feverishly.


April Creates said...

Hi Ellen, this is not really about your post, but I have a question for you. How much figuring out do you do for a design before it is accepted for publishing? Do you complete a finished item first? Just a swatch? Schematics and/or charts? Just a sketch? Thanks in advance!

April Garwod

Susan said...


Thank You so much for the directions! Now I can wash my Malabrigo scarf I made LAST YEAR. The first one I made FELT and got tossed away.

Thanks Again!!!