Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass Cozies Revealed

These quick, easy, cotton glass cozies are so much fun. The juice glass on the right is what I have on my water glass in our bathroom. The Highball glass is fun too. There are many great patterns in the book for table runners, tote bags, blackberry cozies, and more. There are designers name's you'll recognize like Marty Miller, Darla Sims, Christy McMahon, and Tammy Hildebrand. When you look at the book link, you'll be able to look at more photos from the book. There is a hard copy and electronic copy option. Produced by Annies' Attic, you'll find it all here.

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Susan said...


Those are cute... I like just killing time during a football game, I'll make cozies and coasters. RED and BLACK for the UC Bearcats!!! Then during summer it will RED for the Reds...:-)