Friday, January 8, 2010

Bonus Post: Stitch Nation Yarn

I couldn't resist any longer picking up a hook to play with this new Stitch Nation Yarn. This is the Full O' Sheep variety. 100% Peruvian Wool. But it's 100% Affordable too! I think it's going to retail around $4.99 a skein. Wow. I deliberately used a big hook, an N/ because I'm going to felt it! Let's see what happens! It's in the front loading washing machine now with jeans and some hot water. I'll try to post a photo later today of the "after". I'm thinking about turning this into a scarf for my SIL, ya know, the one who didn't get the Old Shale Knit scarf because I ran out of yarn? This color is "Passion Fruit" but you can see the colors above, beautiful rich colors.

See more at


Susan said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for telling us about the yarn... I like the wool yarns... but they felt too easily. I must be doing something wrong. HOw do wash something made of wool and NOT felt?


Sara said...

That is a Redheart yarn?! It looks great. Can't wait to see what the felt looks like.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is beautiful! More yarn to buy, yippie!!!