Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman Hat

Here's another pal, a new pal, Tracy. She made the Snowman hat and graciously sent me a photo. She tells me that immediately on fastening off the first one, she began another. I hope she sends me a photo of that one too. Thanks Tracy. Have you noticed that I use entirely too many exclamation points? So, in this post, I deliberately restrained myself, though I am no less enthusiastic. Can't you tell? LOL.


Tracy said...

Oh my gosh...seeing my picture is like being in the local paper...yah!!Thanks for a great pattern. Still working on the second one and hope to finish by bedtime. Of course I will take a picture and forward it on to you.

Thanks Ellen!!

Ellen Gormley said...

Hi Tracy, I like how the self-striping yarn made a "hat band" effect when you worked even for those rounds! Curious! Great job. Thanks again for the photo.