Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The low-down on and catch-up

The new issue of the Crochet Insider is out! Congratulations Dora on another terrific issue. In this issue are some great interviews including one with Designer, author, teacher, Nancy Nehring. Go Check it out!
Also, there is a review of the Strapped for Bags vol 1 from the Straight From Today's Designer's Group in the new issue of the Crochet Insider. Thanks Dora for the great review. I love crocheted bags, they always fit! Bags/totes are what my friends request most often. Missy and Sue requested the Spa Bag (click at right). and Missy and Shelley both have requested a new bag that should be out NOW in Crafts N' Things magazine, Jan/Feb 2009 issue. Have you seen it? I haven't seen it yet. Does anyone get this magazine and can help me determine if I do in fact have a pattern in it? I couldn't find it on their website. As soon as I find out, I'll be able to reveal it.

What else is new? I was on Getting Loopy last night with Mary Beth Temple. Did you miss it? You can hear it here on archives. We just had a short conversation about the CGOA Mentor program. I took on the Mentor program back in October and have been working hard on developing the philosophy of the program and helping everyone utilize the program better. So far, the feedback has been good. Mentors are for members of CGOA who want a career in crochet and have made strides in achieving their goals but need a "consultant" to help further their efforts.

Lastly, for today's round up. I have formatted all the photographs for the "Repair a Granny Square" Tutorial. Now I just need to add all the text and descriptions, but here are a couple of starting photos:
Above is the basic granny square...
And the arch nemesis of yarn arrives and CUTS (ugh) a stitch. Imagine a toddler with scissors, or just a tear from wear, or some crafty critter gets a hold of your heirloom granny blanket...

And you're left with a HOLE in your granny square! Oh what to do?! Never fear, the Tutorial is here.... well, not here exactly, but coming the Tutorial is coming! Keep tuned as the week goes on and I will show you how I repaired this granny square.

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Anna Bananas said...

How could you cut a stitch??? :-P