Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek for you. I'm plugging away.... Jan 5 is coming up really, really fast. I might be pulling an all-nighter tonight, since tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. Overall, the crochet world seems a little quiet right now.

What's new with you? Did you make any crochet gifts this year? Are you making a resolution to start 2009's gifts in January? LOL. It does tend to come down to the wire, doesn't it? I don't think I will be making any crochet gifts early, but I will be trying to think of Christmas gifts in general earlier in 2009. Maybe I'll start my gift shopping in July!

I have some general 2009 resolutions... drink more water, for example. When I'm crocheting, I never want to have drinks around lest they spill, so I tend to go whole days without having anything to drink except breakfast and dinner. Since, I usually eat lunch standing up in the kitchen while getting Chief his lunch, I usually don't drink anything at lunch either....yeah, I know it's bad, that's why one of my resolutions is to... drink more water. I need one of those silly baseball hats that hold drinks on either side with the straws that hang down!

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Anonymous said...

Let's see...made lots of crochet puffs attached to soaps and scrubs for gifts. Made a few fingerless gloves for my girls and a super soft scarf for my little guy. Oh and the one that I was really excited to make was three plain colored t-shirts with crochet trim at the collars and distressed iron on transfers on the front. The girls just loved them and I was thrilled with the results. Now it's time to think about "mommy" and make myself a sweater...