Friday, December 12, 2008

Responses to reader comments


Thank you.


Great idea!

Oh, maybe this isn't going to work... LOL

Yes, I plan on making the Snowman Scarf available, thank you so much for your interest. I'm starting to get swamped again, so I'll get it done asap. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for your nice comments on the "Repair a Crocheted Granny Square" tutorial. I'm glad you found it interesting.

Haley wrote that she would like a post on determining the "right side" of the project. Great idea, I have the post started, I just need a photo to go with it.

I know I forgot to share with you what I bought myself for my birthday.... I also haven't shown you what I got from St. Nick last week (he's so thoughtful....) I haven't forgotten about the Design Journey: Chickee's Dress The deadline has now been set for May 3, 2009.

Spring is going to be HUGE this year. I have so many patterns coming out between March and May I can hardly contain myself. You'll be seeing so much of me you're going to think I hired a publicist. I'm so grateful. It has been so much fun. All the crazy-busy-ness from October and November will be hitting the market in Spring 2009.

Has anyone checked the "Crafts N' Things" current issue for me yet?

I think I need to do a giveaway....

I have been waiting to go to the store to check on it myself, but there was a little thing about Chickee getting a minor concussion at cheerleading practice.... ugh.... while Captain was out of town.... Never fear, she is better and should be back to school today.... Again, I'm so grateful. Grandparents, if you are reading this, it was just a running-around-not-looking-where-they-were-going collision between Chickee and a girl twice her age/size. Chickee ended up on the bottom of the pile with her head against the floor. There was no loss of consciousness. Poor thing, it wasn't until about 2 hours later that I realized it was more than a kiss and make it better situation.

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