Friday, December 19, 2008

Ripples Galore pillow

Did I show you this photo yet? Am I repeating myself? Here is Charlie who found the "Ripples Galore" neckroll pillow that was originally published in Crochet World magazine. Doesn't he look cozy? He doesn't know that a visitor, arriving later today, is about to rock his world. We have a house guest coming for the next two weeks... who will it be? You'll have to wait for the photos.

In the meantime, I'm stitching away furiously in between parties and Christmas pageants. The Christmas shopping is done but not wrapped. Chickee was in her Christmas pageant last night, I'll have to post a photo, she looked so beautiful as an angel.

Also this weekend is our annual "dates". Captain takes Chickee to a show, this year is the Nutcracker Ballet, and then to dinner. It's a special time where he can spend time with just her and he shows her manners and respect and tries to make it into a life lesson. I'll take Chief to the movies and to pizza. It will be a day the kids remember and look forward to.

But, I can't neglect my crochet. I have 3 deadlines the first week of January and one later in January. I'm not complaining, I'm excited! (and grateful).

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