Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knit Simple

KnitSimple, Holiday issue is out! You may be wondering, why, on GoCrochet, would I review a knitting magazine? Because I'll search high and low for crochet! Let's look at the stats, shall we? There are 36 projects in this issue.

On p. 32 there is a knit hat and mitts set with an crochet flower embellishment. (It's nice, but this is typical for crochet to appear as an embellishment for a knit.)

On p. 34, there is an ALL CROCHET hat and scarf set, in pretty colors. Designed by one of my all-time favorite designers, Mari Lynn Patrick. It's made of Mission Falls new 1824 Wool. (hmm, stick that yarn in your brain in case it comes up later on a test or something).

p.43 another flower embellishment on a purse this time.

p. 52 is a very pretty crocheted belt, by Jeannie Chin in Louet Euroflax worsted. It's a pretty belt. It got a tiny photo in the corner and can be easily overlooked at first. It appears to be in all sc and ch-1 sps. (To be fair, it is in a section labeled "12 Easy Projects").

p. 54 Two sweet crocheted bluebirds in Amigurumi/toy 3-D style. Cute. All sc, designed by Ana Paula Rimoli in Moda Dea Bamboo Wool.

p. 54 Crocheted Slipper Boots. Lion Wool and Fun Fur (I didn't even know they made Fun Fur anymore). Totally fuzzy, totally not my style. By the very talented, Linda Cyr. Because of the fuzzy-ness you can't tell they are crocheted and not knit.

p. 56 Crocheted pillows in a chevron style by Margarita Mejia made of Cascade Yarns 220.

So, 5 items that are 100% crochet, and two items with clearly crocheted embellishment. Thank you Carla Scott, editor of KnitSimple, for supporting crochet in this fun magazine (I'm a subscriber).

Would crocheters be so welcoming of 5 100% knit items in a "crochet" magazine? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think it would be great if crochet mags would include a few knit projects. There are lots of us who do both!


Kellycat said...

I was actually thinking about this very same thing the other day. It is interesting that knitting mags always try to sneak a little crochet in here and there, but crochet mags don't. I don't knit, but I would be happy to be encouraged in a small way in a crochet mag. Why not? Right?