Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspiration from downtown Indianapolis

This is the West? face of the War monument on Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis. This particular side of the monument was sculpted by one of Captain's great-grandfathers. Legend has it, that the woman being assisted by the soldier, there at the bottom, was modeled after his great-great? Grandmother. It is made of limestone. you can see a man standing there on the bottom right, so you can see how massive this structure is.
Now, speaking of crochet inspiration! Look at this door to the Indianapolis Capitol building. I can totally see this as an afghan. Can you?

This woman was "spotted" walking near the monument. See her crocheted garment! I didn't get to see the front, but by looking at the sleeves, it appears it was a cardigan rather than a poncho. It is a simple chain and shell stitch. I think the "wrinkle" on her left shoulder blade is an attempt at increasing. The yarn appears very small, which likely helps its drape (good choice).

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