Saturday, September 13, 2008

Design Journey: Chickee's Dress

I sewed the swatches together to get a feel for how I would sew the skirt to the bodice. I made a couple of different tries until I chose the method I will likely use. (this could still change!)

I took all the measurements from all the sources and put them on one page for easy comparison. I made another couple of sketches. I'm thinking of making the back bodice different from the front bodice to capitolize on the scallop-y shaped edge that the stitch pattern makes. I'll show you later.

At this point, many experienced garment designers would likely feel confident submitting the swatch and sketch to a buyer for consideration. This should ONLY be done if you feel CERTAIN that you can execute the plan competently. If you don't feel confident, then you need to keep going with the design until you feel that you can competently deliver what you promise in your submission.

This is a Cicada on Chief's nose. Yuck. We get an infestation of this bug, loud, stupid, slow bugs every year, some years are worse. This was an easy year. A few years ago, the 17 year Cicada cycle hit with a vengeance. They really do hit like a plague. I think this was the only one we saw this year. They don't bite, they are just a nuisance. They do "fertilize" the earth with themselves as they die off all summer.


Haley said...

I am loving following your progress and thought process for designing this beautiful dress! How naive of me - I thought you only submitted finished product to buyers! Wow! For a newbie like me, knowing I had to execute my plan only from what I had on paper would be extremely stressful! Thanks for sharing this journey.

Sandie said...

Hi Ellen,
Such beautiful things!
I nominated you for the I Love This Blog award. Check out for more info. :)
No need to post the comment. Just wanted to let you know.

Ellen Gormley said...

Wow Sandie, THANK YOU! That's so nice! I'm all aglow! What fun!

Sandy said...

Picture of the bug on his nose gives me the willies! So typically little boy

Hope you're having a good wkend. Good luck with your project.

Blog walking a bit today, welcome mats always out; do stop in for a visit.