Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crochet Inspiration at the Children's Museum

Of course, I'm talking about the fantastic Indianapolis Children's Museum. It is very well done. There are interesting things every time you turn around. There is a huge variety of interesting things for the kids and adults to enjoy. There was a display of miniature doll houses/rooms. The above photo is one of those miniatures and I had to notice the granny-square blanket! It was probably not bigger than 6" square if you unfolded it. Each "square" was probably about 3/4". It looked like it could have been made with sewing thread.
Here are photos of the awe-inspiring Chihuly sculpture and it's base that can be viewed from above, or from below, like in this photo. Here's the coolest thing... below this ceiling, in that room was hundreds of plastic twins to many of these pieces and a few armatures to put your own "sculpture" together again and again. Absolutely, the kids loved to mix and match the colors and be the sculptor! Very, very cool to take the art to a new experiential level.

This is the top of the sculpture which is about 40' tall. It totally looks like it could be freeform crochet, don't you think? Does it inspire you? I love the organic shapes. That is one of the challenges of crochet, getting organic shapes, but freeform is the perfect method for that!
Chief's favorite part of the Children's Museum was the comic book/superhero section. We had to pry him away from there! Chickee's favorite part was the "tunnel" that showed scenes of different animals that live underground. She must have gone through there a dozen times.


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Hi Ellen,

Loved your post about the Chihuly sculpture. We have one that is installed at the El Camino Medical Clinic that I go to and was just there yesterday and took some pictures of it. It is not posted on his site but it is a public install so I will post it and give his site.

Love your blog and though I do not comment often please know that I read it daily.


Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks Scarlet! I'm glad you like the blog. I went to Chihuly's site and it is very, very cool. Makes me want to start collecting glass. Thanks for the *hugs*, you don't know how that *hugs* came at the PERFECT time today, when I needed it. Thank you!