Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Design Journey: Chickee's Dress

I want to make Chickee a First Communion Dress. That in itself, means that some of the design process is a "given", like it will be white. Sometimes when I am designing, I have nothing at all in mind when I start with hook and yarn. This will require some planning. Here are some preliminary sketches with thoughts and questions scattered around. There are a few different top ideas and different skirt options.

I have made some goals to give myself direction...

I already know the color, that's a given. But if I didn't know the color, I would be thinking about what would be flattering with Chickee's coloring, what colors she likes, what colors are available in the yarns I want, etc.

Yarn: Her First Communion will likely be in May or late April. In Ohio, that means that it could be cool or it could be pleasantly warm (or there could be snow, lol). I will rule out wool, I am going to think more like, cotton, linen, or blends. I'd like something not too expensive. Because it will likely be all the same yarn, I think I will rule out corn, because while I love it, it's easy to care for, it tends to get "weighty" when you use a big quantity of it. I want something DK weight or lighter, maybe something the weight of Lustersheen. (But I'm not sure I want acrylic....)

Style: With spring, I'm thinking sleeveless, but with wanting some modesty for church, maybe a removable bolero/cardigan topper. I think that I want something simple on the bodice and more elaborate/decorative for the skirt that can be repeated in the bolero somehow to tie them together. Obviously, nothing too lacy (see-through would be bad), but some laci-ness on the lower rows of the skirt might be ok if done in an "eyelet" kind of way. Generally, around here, dresses are usually more knee to mid-calf length, not floor-length, and not higher than the knee.

Time to keep thinking about the neckline and shapes and maybe choose some yarn for swatching...

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