Tuesday, September 23, 2008

International Crochet Day.... I missed it.

I haven't pushed a cat photo on you in over a week, so here's one. It's one of the farm cats that belong to the GoCrochet grandparents. Should I give them codenames too? This cat doesn't have a name. I guess the grandparents could be CarDad (he rebuilds old cars) and can I think of a "C" name of Grandma GG? "Cardmaker"? "CardMa" (she makes all her greeting cards with scrapbooking gadgets).

I totally missed it. It was Friday, Sept 12, and I missed it. I didn't know it was coming. I went to a counseling seminar instead (BORING). I didn't bring yarn to the crochet, but I did bring my calculator and spreadsheets for the Design Journey: Chickee's Dress. I ended up spending some time discreetly making notes and calculating stitches per inch....

Still, I wish I had done more for International Crochet Day. It would have been fun to go to an LYS (local yarn store) and buy some goodies. It would have been fun to try a new stitch, wallow with a bamboo hook. But no, I missed it. Good thing it's just about "Crochet Day Every Day" in the Gormley household. yeah. Why isn't International Crochet Day in March, which is National Crochet (Craft) Month? Who gets to decide? Just curious.

I went to a party Saturday night with several other families and their kids. At one point I couldn't find my cell phone. I proceeded to dig around in my felted crocheted bag (you'll see a photo in less than 2 weeks, I promise), and my friends were SHOCKED to see me unload a skein of yarn, a hook, etc. Doesn't everyone travel with a full skein of yarn and a hook at all times? They're just lucky they didn't see me bring out the scissors, paper, calculator, measuring tape, and other accessories that usually accompany my skein of yarn and hook assortment.

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CN said...

uh...You're not the only one who missed international crochet day!! I wish I had known...well, now we both do, and can do something next time around!!

If I carried a purse bigger than 4"x7", I'd definitely carry more around for crochet...but sometimes I can manage to squeeze my current project in there!
aka crochetcollection