Friday, September 12, 2008

Design Journey: Chickee's Dress

Chief noticed the beautiful sky and asked if he could take a photo. Here it is!

Where was I? I washed and dried the swatches for Chickee's dress. I measured them and noticed that they both shrunk about 1/2 ". The patterned swatch "crumpled" up a little bit, so I smoothed it, watered it down (wet block) and pressed it gently flat with my hands, and let it dry on it's own. It's flatter (flat enough), but is not as soft as the machine dried one. (file this info in my head).

I made the swatch of the increases and decreases. I think this will be for the skirt. I think it will be a side-to-side construction with rows running from waist to hem to give the best flare.

I got out the ole' measuring tape and took all of Chickee's current measurements. Now, the First Communion is in April/May. I wonder how much she will grow between now and then? Any guesses? I made note of some of her wishes. She thinks that she wants the skirt kinda full. She wants the waist tighter. She wants the dress to hit her about mid-calf. She doesn't want the bodice to hit her too high on the neck. She thinks she wants a shawl rather than a bolero/shrug/cardigan. I might have to veto this because she might be walking with a lit candle at some point, and I don't want her tugging a shawl into place while holding a candle, walking, and perhaps wearing a frothy headpiece of some sort to be determined later.

The plan is to now take Chickee's measurements and compare them with the ASTM standard sizing guides and the CYCA sizes and see where they fall. She is 7 and is probably of average size. We will see!

Last night, while thinking about falling asleep, I was thinking about how I would construct the bodice, side to side? top down? bottom up? Will there be buttons up the back? Which construction method will be easiest? which one will look the best? Will I use the same stitch pattern I have been playing with for the skirt or do I want to pick something else? How will I tie the bodice together visually with the skirt? Do I keep the dress all one piece, or would it be smarter to make it a two-piece set that only appears like a dress? (Will this be acceptable for the ceremony)? Do I want to do a waistband for the skirt or just sew the skirt onto the bodice? How do I want to segue between the bodice and the skirt? Chickee wants it tight around her waist. How do I do this with the skirt and stitch pattern I am practicing? do I need a tie or sash? If so, would it be too busy to use the same stitch pattern? Should I use a more basic stitch pattern? should I go with a satin ribbon or something different than crochet?

She wants a rounded neckline. Which stitch pattern will give me the easiest result? do I want to do top-down or bottom-up, or side-to-side. What neckline do I think would look best (despite my 7 yo's opinion?)

Much to think about!

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Deidre Eyles said...

Hi Ellen,
Your blog on designing is great! since I really want to try designing garments one day, this will help me with what info to get and how to get it!
Chickee's dress sounds like it will be very pretty!