Friday, April 18, 2008

Sneak Peek

Ok, this isn't really fair is it? It's a Sneaky Sneak Peek. yep, it's a "FreeForm" project! And you'll never guess how these scrumbles are going to come together. Want to learn more about FreeForm? On the right, under Great Sites to See, go visit Myra Wood and Margaret Hubert, or Google Prudence Mapstone. All three of them are also on Ravelry.

WOOOOAAAAHHHH, we just had an earthquake! Literally. Let's go see what damage that did to our cliff! First, the power went out at like 2:30am and was off until 4:00, the kids woke up, both upset without their night lights. Then we finally all get back to sleep and about 5:30am the house started shaking. My DH, the architect, gets up to feel the walls. It was about 180 miles from here. I don't think we have any damage, I'll go ask the construction workers who are fixing our road later.

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