Monday, April 7, 2008

sneak peek

Ahhh, a new one! Here's a sneak peek, though it will be quite a while until it's revealed. I know you can't tell, but it's purple with pale green, one of my all time favorite combinations.
I hope you all had a good weekend, we did! It was gorgeous here near Cincinnati. The kids were outside playing all day yesterday and came in covered in dirt and sweat, just like kids are supposed to. DH was home and tinkering around in the yard. We had dinner with my Step-Dad and Step-Mom, Hi Glenda! (my family tree is a long, not-so boring story, that I may not save for another day). It was great to see you two!
The kids had their final swim lesson and both advanced to the next level. Chickee even skipped a level. Chief conquered a particularly difficult 100 piece puzzle without any help.
My weekend was productive crochet-wise too, which always makes everything else better. More sneak peeks to come!


Haley said...

Love the color combo! Here a designing question for you: do you weave in your ends or just crochet over them for projects that you submit for design purposes? I love color-changes but hate to weave in my ends! It is always an internal struggle of mine lol :) Have a great day! Can't wait for the next sneak-peaks!

Ellen Gormley said...

Hi Haley! Thanks! I crochet over my ends when ever possible as I am crocheting along. If I am doing something in rounds, I will crochet over an end for a few inches, then let it dangle until I reach it on the next round, then I crochet over the rest of it so that it is woven in another direction. Does this make sense?

If there are more than 2 ends to weave in at the same location, I nevre crochet over more than two strands, and I am careful not to crochet over a contrasting color if it will show through to the other side. Those have to be woven in later in inconspicuous places. (I probably didn't spell that right).