Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me and Chief

Here is me and Chief at Totter-Otterville. His school had a fieldtrip. It's actually inside a toy store. This is him telling me that he's hungry and he can't wait for our turn to have lunch. So what do mom's do when the child is bored and grumpy? We go through our purse to find whatever will entertain. I found the camera, and it bought us 5 more minutes!

I've got some exciting projects coming down the pipeline my friends! I can't wait to tell you about them. There's a little Alpaca coming, a little linen, a little wool, a little corn fiber! Fun stuff!

What else is new? My elbow is giving me the twinges just a bit. I had been working with an "E" hook feverishly for days, so I took a break and went to a lovely, voluptuous "L" hook. Ahhh, my elbow said, what a nice change. My favorite hook is an "I" or maybe a "J", anything smaller than a "G" feels like a stretch.


Haley said...

He is so stinkin' cute!!!
Me too about the smaller hooks. Plus I am a fairly slow crocheter so making something with a small hook seems to take forever for me. My I hook is my "work-horse" for sure!! I am addicted to the wooden Graydog hooks and sometime I swear mine is smoking!! Can't wait to see the new stuff! Have a great day!

Robyn said...

I totally hear you about the smaller hooks! That's why I am addicted to clover soft touch hooks. Their handle is large enough to keep some of that pain down for me. It seems like I am always crocheting with F hooks lately. My favorite is an H.