Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crocheting on the Cliff

Another crochet get-together on the cliff! A few of my neighbors and I have been getting together once a month for a little cheese and crackers, a little crafting, a little show and tell! It's been so much fun! Kay (in the near white) already knows how to crochet and is making my Sunny Spread from Crochet Today Remember how I told you the day I met her she brought in that pattern saying it was the reason she bought the issue, and she had no idea that I lived in the area, designed the pattern and that we would meet mere days later? How cool is that?

On the couch is Dottie and Mo, both of whom are excellent sewers and crafters. I am teaching both of them to crochet (yay!). Dottie is also the senior trick water-skier of the United States at 70+. She is way cool. Mo is in accounting and uses her free time to volunteer with her Church. You all are so much fun!

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Hello Dear Blogger,
The place you live is perfect, enough fresh air...You and your neighbors are creating and learning, very interesting. Best wishes from my page,