Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I thought that I wasn't a fan of Berroco yarns. I was wrong. I had always associated Berroco yarns with novelty yarns, of which I am not a huge fan. I, again, was wrong. I'm sorry Berroco. You have beautiful yarns and here's three of them to prove it. Love It Is a Cotton/Acrylic/Polyester Blend, very nice.

Berroco Pure Merino
Is also very nice with 100% Extra Fine Merino wool. The Cranberry colored sneak peek is the Pure Merino DK weight. but the actual finished item for publication is in a different yarn, this one is for ME! WooHoo!

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Haley said...

They discontinued my favorite - Glacee. It was a silky ribbon type yarn that crocheted like a dream!! I'll have to try Love It. Good for you on the "one for ME"!! Will we see it at the conference?