Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Are you in? Crochet everywhere!

So, by now, you're a member of Ravelry, right? I mean, is anyone NOT a member of Ravelry at this point?
But, are you a member of Craftsy?  It's fun... it'll make you feel good.... (just kidding). But really, it WILL!

Yes, Craftsy is similar to Ravelry in some ways, but the biggest difference is the online classes (of which I have purchased... MANY)  Go sign up for a free membership to Craftsy, by clicking this Craftsy Link.  Once you are there, please follow me! I am, of course, "GoCrochet" on Craftsy.

Then take a gander at all the classes... there are some FREE ones that you would like:

Know your Wool
Short Rows with Carol Feller (knitting)
Dipped, Dusted and Rolled (chocolate truffles, yum.... I think this one was free)

We can talk about all the awesome crochet classes later, but for now, just get signed up and I'll see you there. You can click on the "I'm a Craftsy Designer" icon on the right side bar of this blog page.

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