Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Blitz!

The next several days are going to be so much fun!

Here are the events that are scheduled so far:

5/24 Tomorrow, see me here! Ask any questions you want on comments about the book
5/25 The Virtual Book Launch party on the Ravelry group 9pm EST
5/26 Sharon Silverman's blog
5/27 Karen Whooley's blog
5/31 Linda Permann's blog
6/1 Rebecca Velasquez's blog
6/2 Doris Chan' blog
6/3 Kristin Omdahl's blog
6/6 Tracie Barrett's blog
6/7 Robyn Chachula's blog
6/8 Laurie Wheeler and the Crochet Liberation Front Blog

6/9 Naida and the Crochet Mama's Blog

I'm also working on a few more visits to 2 or 3 other blogs.

But TODAY...

Here's the basic premise of Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook. 
There are 50 motifs in the book. 10 of each hexagons, rectangles, squares, octagons, and triangles. All the sides of all the shapes have the same number of stitches.  (Except of course, the long sides of the rectangles are 2 stitches longer by definition, I tell you how to work with that in the book).  Because they all have the same number of stitches ALL the motifs can fit together.  There are a few motifs that are "join as you go" and those can be incorporated too!  Matter of fact, the last project in the book uses ALL 50 motifs at least once! 

The top photo is Brilliant Starburst, a throw made with one triangle and one hexagon from the book.  It's made of Louet Gems in Bright Blue and Eggplant. I think it might be my favorite project in the book.  I love lighter blue and purple together.  Hexagons are so popular right now that I've been joking that hexagons are the new black.

I'm also a big fan of OVALS!  Here are two oval inspired rectangle motifs from the book. There is at least one more than I can think of off the top of my head. The oval shape is so underused. I need to change that! You'll see more ovals pop up in unexpected places from me in the coming months. (hint)

Did you hear my interview on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple?  You can listen on archives at any time. You have one more week to listen, get the secret word and enter the giveaway for a free book.  Here's the link.

Also, once you have a chance to look at the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon (It helps more than you know!)


CrochetBlogger said...

This should be fun!

Yarn Princess said...

I actually have the book on order I believe! And I am thrilled that there will be ovals! I love ovals too!!!