Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Working at the bar...

No, not that kind of bar.  (Although, truth be told, a great deal of business happens at the bar at TNNA...).

I'm wondering if I were to move the computer to our kitchen bar... if I would:

A. Use better posture
B. Stay on task
C. Be disgusted by the state of my kitchen and be more likely to clean it.
D. Be distracted by the fridge and eat more snacks.
E. Maybe I would drink more water because I would have less fear of Minnie drinking out of my cup.

Where is your best place to crochet productively?


Kirsten Reynolds said...

Curled up in my favorite chair with my blankie. Although I'm a cold weather crocheter so I don't get much done in the summer months.

Anonymous said...

In my new studio! Just a room but I can close the door!!

Jodiebodie said...

Dining table by big bright window for anything requiring excellent lighting and concentration. For simple, relaxing crochet, in the corner armchair by a window, tucked away from the noise of the household.