Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TNNA recap more, more!

 Here are some of the lovely products and great sponsors to Marly's Designer Dinner at TNNA this year. The purpose of the swag is so that we can try out the products and tell you about them! I haven't had time to play with many of them yet but they are worth listing!

The Boye Knit Loom (they have many different shapes and sizes). I'm going to see if Chief might enjoy this because he enjoyed a weaving project at school. He might like using a tool instead of just needles for knitting.
 Clover knitting needles. I was happy to receive these because I like the "grab" that bamboo needles give to the yarn so that it doesn't just slide right off.

 Brown Sheep, Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport.   All great features of yarn in one ball, made in the USA!

Chappy's knitting stitch markers. They sure are pretty!

 The Chic-a gadget tray.  I already have a few of their drawstring bags and find them to be very high quality.
Classic Elite offered a few yarns in a clever little bag. Inca Alpaca and Fresco.

More this week and next!

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