Friday, June 5, 2015

TNNA the show... more!

Susie Allen and I stopped at North Market for lunch on Saturday.

A few friends went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream for an afternoon snack. A little trivia... what flavor did I get? Take your guess in the comments. Are you ready? I'm about to name drop... hold on to your seats...  On the left in the purple, is the smart and sassy Lindsay Martin, owner of Erin Lane Bags, in black, Marly Bird, designer, teacher, author, podcaster and great friend. Behind Marly with the windswept hair is the fantastically calm and organized (and hilarious), Jolene. (Only one name is needed to know her!). Continuing clockwise across the table, is Mama Bear, one tough lady in a short little Texas package, Rebecca Velasquez, Wearing the Bruges Multi Shawl... her own design in Manos Del Uruguay Serena... Linda Dean! 
Short pictorial interruption here...
Bruges Multi shawl.  Awesome, huh? 
And last but not least, in the right front is rockin' Ron Miskin, owner of Buffalo Wool Company ...  I am now the proud owner of a hank of this luscious fiber and hope to tell you more about it at another time.

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