Thursday, June 4, 2015

TNNA... the show

Here I am knitting a spell with my new friend, designer Susie Allen in the Colinette Yarns booth.  (So freaking fun!) Go to their website and see a fun video of two ladies making a blanket with these needles. They were heavy! Can you see the diameter of the yarn? It was like as thick as a bratwurst.

Ah, the lunch of champions. Dashing around from meeting to meeting I grabbed a quick pretzel and a strawberry/banana smoothie.  So tasty. I will not feel guilty, this meal got me through.  I also got to eat some awesome farfalle pasta with an alfredo tomato sauce for lunch the next day at the North Market.  Hello Garlic!

Dinner ended with the traditional Max & Erma's epic chocolate cake with my super pal, Rebecca Velasquez. Rebecca is the designer of the spectacular Clearwater tank on the cover of the current issue of Crochet! 

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