Monday, June 22, 2015

Random Chicken photo

This is Scuttle. She is adorable and little. She makes a funny little clucky synchronized with each step she waddles.

Chickens are getting more popular I think. Do you have chickens or know a neighbor who does?


Jodiebodie said...

Cute! I love chooks, they are so funny and such personalities with their ways. My yard is too small for chooks but I have many friends who are able to keep chooks. I've enjoyed your picture of Scuttle! With a name like that,does 'random' refer to your photo or the chicken? ;-)

April Garwood said...

We don't yet. Our HOA has not allowed them, even though most homes are on acreages. However, I've turned in a petition to change the covenants to allow them. Our neighborhood will vote on it in February. If it passes, we'll hopefully get chickens next year.