Monday, June 1, 2015

TNNA 2015 recap

I'm going to drag out this recap for at least a week!  Heehee.  For WEEKS, boxes have been arriving at my house for Marly Bird's annual TNNA Designer Dinner #MBDD  The sponsors were many and generous. I'll photograph the swag loot and post it later in the week.  Marly Bird, her helper Jolene, Rebecca Velasquez and Lindsay Martin (of ErinLaneBags) all arrived at my house on Thursday night for dinner, they got to meet my family and eat some yummy LaRosa's dinner with us. We all took off for Columbus on Friday morning afternoon... with a leisurely stop at Hobby Lobby and then lunch we managed to get to Columbus late Thursday.  WHO wouldn't want to shop at Hobby Lobby with that crew?! 

We spent Thursday night and Friday setting up for Marly's epic dinner.

On the left is Jolene and Rebecca (standing). On the right, here I am with designer Jenny King.

We met up with knit and crochet designer Susie Allen for a pre-dinner selfie.

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