Monday, August 2, 2010

Yarn explosion and Green Cupcakes

Work, glorious work! When you are an freelance contractor you are never quite sure if the work is going to keep coming! Here's most of my upcoming least the ones I have yarn for. A big box of yarn arrived on Friday. It was so big it took the efforts of both kids to bring it in from the porch! I'm so excited about having a nice huge pile of work! What a compliment! What a challenge! I can't wait to finish one so I can get to the next.
Above, are shopping bags from Simplicity/Boye and I have separated each project into its own bag. Also, all the information for the project is in the bag... my sketches, swatches, notes, emails etc. I love separating projects into shopping bags, so easy to grab and go. While it's tempting to write the due date on the bag... I don't because I re-use them over and over. I need about 10 more bags though because there are some projects that I'm working on for submission that I wish had their own. Now I just need a system to hang them in my closet on a motorized rotating rack like the dry cleaners.... buzz as they drive their way down the track to the front of the line. Yes, some of the projects are too big for a bag. In that case, I will just put 4-5 skeins in the bag and reserve the rest of the yarn in it's shipping box until it's needed.
This is turning into the summer of baking for Chickee. She has been taking baking mixes (cookie and brownie) and putting her own spin on them. Above is what came from a chocolate chip cookie mix. She added marshmallow creme, cinnamon, sprinkles, and of course, green food coloring. They weren't too bad...I ate 3. LOL.


Kristine said...

Love the picture of the bags of yarn. What a great way to organize it.

YarninMama said...

My "craft" room is a complete disaster. This is a great tip. I think this will be a great way to reuse all of the shopping bags from Christmas. Thanks.