Friday, August 27, 2010

Secret Weapon

OMGosh look what I found at Target for $1. I bought 2.

All these triangles! think of all the fun you can have figuring out different configurations of triangles! I wish they had bags in EVERY shape. I would have bought them all. Apparently they're made of EVA foam and are often called 'Eva blocks'. They are used to teach math and counting and manual dexterity to preschoolers and people with hand manipulation issues. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a set of squares, rectangles, trapezoids, hexagons and octagons!


Susan said...


Great Idea! And to think they are intended for kids only...;-) This is better then drawing it out paper.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

If you bought a few bags you could glue some triangles together to make other shapes. A bit of work but might be worth it. You could even get the kids to help ;o)