Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tunisian Scarf CAL

The Tunisian "Patina" Scarf CAL is going to happen! It begins September 1. The pattern is available from either hardcopy of Inside Crochet, Issue 5, or you can get a digital download of Inside Crochet's issue 5 on Yudu. (I don't know exactly how this is done)... or you can get the PDF download from me for $6.00

Above is just one of the several (11? I think) process photos that are in my PDF download.

In the past, with Crochet-A-longs, we have been much more relaxed than it is my nature to be. My nature wants us to have structure! Goals! But many of you don't work the same way. We'll begin officially on Sept 1. I would think we would have this wrapped up by Thanksgiving for sure, don't you think?

Feel free to ask questions on any of the CAL: Tunisian posts and I will re-post your question and the answer for everyone to benefit both here and in the Ravelry group.

I'll try to post at least once per week on the blog to help motivate you along the way. There is no official 'sign up', just 'show up'. :)


Anna Bananas said...

Perhaps if people post pictures on Ravelry you can send out some "blog-candy" I'd donate to that!

John of Corpus Christi said...

I checked out, because 1) you mentioned it, and 2) I had never heard of the site. That in itself isn’t all that earth shaking. What I found was a site where buyers and creators of content can self-publish and sell (at least they are hopeful) that content to folks like us. I’ve registered (basic level is free) and browsed around a bit.
From my initial exploration I inferred much of the content seems to be based in the UK. Thus far and my exploration is very brief, those items listed for sale are priced in English Pounds (£). I’ll note here that most of the items I’ve seen so far are seemingly free. Many of the items contained on the site are from free e-books and appear to be mostly classics by the likes of Dickens, Kafka, Cervantes, Fitzgerald, Austen etc. the magazine Inside Crochet is available as a PDF download, and it appears you may be able to store the items you select/buy online at the site. I’m thinking you would be able to store almost any digital file you own or legally may access online at the site. The magazines “Inside Crochet” are for sale, at £4.99 ea. Which I think is about $8.00 USD. I am going to presume the magazine and its content are going to be written using English terms rather than American. The company who owns the publication is listed as KAL Ltd which sort of translates into our US term Inc. This might present problems in a CAL. There are certainly translators on the web which will convert instructions from one to the other, but for the CAL we should all be working from the same format. I seem to recall sometime back a story about a piece of equipment meant for the International Space Station. I don’t quite remember all the details, but one group of people were working in inches, and the other was working in metric, and surprise, surprise, it didn’t fit. Oops! I hope this is helpful, and we are all singing from the same page. John

Ellen Gormley said...

Hi John, thanks for the research. Yes, the pattern in Inside Crochet is written in UK terminology. My PDF is translated to US terminology, though with Tunisian I think the differences are more slight than with the translation of traditional crochet from UK to US terms.

John of Corpus Christi said...

I guess I didn’t know there wouldn’t be the same problem with Tunisian Crochet we encounter with our everyday crocheting. That really is good news. As you can tell I don’t know anything about Tunisian Crochet. I have seen it done on TV, and I found a couple of Tunisian hooks in a junk shop, but that pretty much covers my knowledge base. I need to pay my monthly bills and see if I can afford to join the group on the CAL. John