Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Tunisian Questions

Sara writes: "Do you usually foundation crochet the first row for tunisian?"

No, I usually do a row of Tunisian Simple Stitch like you saw in an earlier post unless I start right in with the pattern on the first row.

KnitPurlGurl wrote: "I like Tunisian, but it seems to curl."
Yes, you are right! Just like in knitting how stockinette seems to curl toward the purl side, it is in the nature of Tunisian to curl in Tunisian Simple Stitch unless you take measures to prevent this tendency. I think also, when you pull up a loop, the loop has to be tall and loose enough that it is not acting like a tether holding it tight to the row before. I good bind off final row is also important.

Susan writes: "I like tunisian , but mine just doesn't turn out with straight / even sides"

Susan, as with traditional crochet, when our edges get wonky, it is usually with failing to work the last stitch in the row or omitting the first st. With Tunisian, sometimes people accidentally work an extra stitch at the beginning and then also fail to do a Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss) in the edge vertical bar at the end of the row. I'll try to post some photos soon with detail. Always count the loops on the hook before doing the return pass. The number of loops on the hook will tell you if you have been increasing or decreasing or if your number of stitches has remained constant.

Don't forget, the Tunisian Crochet-Along starts September 1 with the Tunisian "Patina" Scarf project.

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