Friday, August 6, 2010

If it's not a showstopper but it's still successful, what is it?

We've talked in the past about what makes a showstopping design. But really, while beautiful and arresting and innovative, not everyone is up to the challenge of actually crocheting a showstopper. Still, there are many great patterns out there that are still very beautiful but are perhaps a little less challenging or intimidating as a project to actually make. What do we call those? I call 'em "Go To" projects. What are the characteristics of a great, crochetable project?

1. Easy to memorize
2. Looks great in many different yarns
3. Versatile
4. The pattern is written well (easy to follow)
5. Gauge is either not critical or is easy to get
6. The project is the kind that makes you want to make another one in another color, and another,

Really, when you think about it these are the projects people love to make. Showstoppers, perhaps sell magazines, but Go-To projects sell yarn. Chime in! I'd love to hear what you think.

An example of one of my go-to projects... The Tunisian Lace Ascot! and here on Ravelry for the details and purchase button.


Sara said...

Your Go-To scarf is my go to project. It fits all the criteria. I've also knit a cape that is perfect for little girls. I did it in four different yarns and they all turned out fabulous. Another go to project for me is my tunisian arm warmers. So simple, yet the result is so fun.

crazymotheringchick said...

I'm with you, I'd call it a 'go-to'. And I like your criteria as well. That scarf is beautiful, I'll need to be making it. I love your designs.

~Leslie said...

I agree. I like patterns that I don't have to keep referring. I'm more of a 'freestyle' knitter & crocheter, but when I do pick out patterns that easier the better!

I like this scarf ( as I make a lot of them) and your list of reasons!