Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tunisian Tip!

If you have never done Tunisian Crochet before here are a few tips. In the photo above, this is how I mark stitches in tunisian. I mark the vertical bar of the stitch I want to focus on with a locking stitch marker. I move the marker up to the next vertical bar when subsequent rows are worked or remove the marker according to the pattern instructions. Also this gives you a clear view of a vertical bar. The markers are placed on a vertical bars. There is one vertical bar for each stitch. This is the first row of a swatch. There are 30 chains and I pulled up a loop (which becomes the vertical bar) in each chain. This photo is in process of "binding off". which means, as a right hander, I'm working by yo and pulling the hook toward the right under the loop on the hook and the next vertical bar. This first row is TSS or Tunisian Simple Stitch.


Susan said...

Hi Ellen,

I like tunisian , but mine just doesn't turn out with straight / even sides.


Sara said...

Markers are great. Good tip. Do you usually foundation crochet the first row for tunisian?

Knit Purl Gurl said...

I tried Tunisian - but it seems to curl. Plus I'm still trying to become a more proficient crocheter. Being self-taught, I need SO much practice!! :)