Friday, April 23, 2010

Still Waters Shrug pattern PDF now available!

The top two photos are from the Still Water Shrug's appearance in Interweave Crochet, Spring 2009. That model was in Alpaca with a Twist Punch. The bottom photo is my shrug that I made in Blue Sky Alpacas, sportweight.

It is critical that you measure your own wingspan, or that of the recipient when choosing which size to make. Arms can vary in length dramatically no matter what "size" your clothes usually are. I have really long arms. At the store, all the garments that are my correct size, the sleeves are too short. This is a great pattern for making it fit YOU. wingspan = Your arms outstretched from one wrist over the shoulders and down to the other wrist with a flexible measuring tape... now drop your arms, should you add another inch of length for when your arms are down? You get to decide. It makes a difference.

One pattern at a time, I'm going to get to the CGOA conference in Manchester, NH this summer. Thank you.
$5.00 USD

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April Creates said...

I wish I was going to the conference. Maybe I can sell enough patterns before next year's conference? It's a beautiful shrug! One of my favorites from that issue of IC.