Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know I said that I was cutting back on my reading, but I've been able to read while I crochet lately.

So, I re-read the Harry Potter books 5, 6 & 7. Too much fun.

Then I began reading the Hollister House: Legend of the Banyan Tree by Joanie Lacy. Joanie is a local woman and a singer. We have heard her and her band many, many times and enjoy them! I didn't know she was also a writer so I was anxious to give her book a try. I got through about 50 pages and while the concept was intriguing... a single woman with a very rocky past who attempts to re-start her life by living independently in her Father's childhood home. It becomes clear that there are forces in the home that are interesting. Are those magical forces sinister? Are they part of her imagination? Still, the book came due to the library before I got too far into it. That tells me that it didn't capture my attention enough to continue. It has 4 stars on Amazon though, so maybe it gets much more compelling after page 50.

I also heard on Ravelry of the book the Sweetheart's Knitting Club. by Lori Wilde. Don't let the sweet little cover fool you... this book is RACY. Flynn, the main character is a hard working home-town girl who has had to help raise her siblings and maintain the family business because of various circumstances. This good girl once met a bad boy (Jesse) and they had a connection that was memorable. Unfortunately, he was framed for a crime by the "good boy" sheriff's son (Beau). The bad boy gets sent to 10 years in prison. Flynn dates the "good boy" Sheriff's son. The story opens with Jesse being releases from prison and re-entering the picture. Knitting does play a part in the story and the women who are in the club. A fun, quick read. At one point I said, "oh, I didn't see that coming". Enjoy!

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Sara said...

I'm fascinated that you could crochet while reading. :) Thanks for the recommendations. The second one sounds interesting. I just finished Diana Gabaldon's Fiery Cross for the umpteenth time and am rereading Echo in the Bone in the morning with my cereal.