Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oooh, Sparkly Crochet!

Every Wednesday night, the members of the free Ravelry group, 'GoCrochet with Ellen Gormley' do a live chat that can be found on the group home page. Anyway, last night I was telling them that Tom and I have a fancy party this weekend and I was making earrings. Above is the first set. All the earrings will be put on kidney wire that I've had to "borrow" from another set of rarely used earrings. The first set is just a simple medallion.

The second pair is a flower of sorts. Whoops, I missed an end.

The third set is a variation on a triangle.

The yarn is Plymouth "Gold Rush" thread and I used a "D" hook. The earrings are set against the red dress I'm planning on wearing. I'll have to try them all on before I decide which pair to wear.


Monique said...

I vote for the second pair.

linda permann said...

I also vote for pair #2. I'd give them a quick block too (I know it sounds crazy to do on something so small, but it makes a difference!). Have fun at your event!

Sara said...

I like the second pair, too. :) Great job!