Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Charlie, sneak peek and Book thoughts

I'm sorry I haven't had any crochet to show you lately. It feels like it has been a while. I'm stitching and writing feverishly. I has been a very productive last 10 days or so, I'm trying to keep with the trend and keep getting things done.

One of the hardest parts of my crochet career is that there isn't enough time to do all that I want to do. Even if I were super efficient and abandoned everything else, there wouldn't be enough time to get to all the projects that I want to do. It may take me a few weeks to crochet a blanket and during that time I could get dozens of new ideas. In the photo with Charlie is a sneak peek of sorts. It is the foundation for a project that I expect you will see before Thanksgiving or so.

I'm counting down the days at this point until the manuscript is turned in! I can't wait. Have you seen the movie "Julie and Julia" It was a good movie. But at the very end, when Julia Child received her first copy of her book, it just about made me cry! I can just picture the day in my mind when the package arrives in the mail. What will I do? How will I react? Will I cry? Will I be able to keep it unopened until Tom gets home and we can open it together or will I tear into it immediately with wild abandon? I'll let you know when it happens.


Sam said...

Looking down at your own book for the first time will be such a special moment, indeed! And it's a great image to have in your mind to keep you motivated to get the manuscript completed. You can do it! :)

linda p said...

You'd be crazy not to tear into it right away! Just saying! :)